Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does it take?

The majority of our clients receive their money within 4 months of their application being filed.

Do I have to be on disability to apply?

No, qualification for the Disability Tax Credit does not depend qualification for your provincial disability program or any other program.

Can I only apply for the Disability Tax Credit during tax season?

No, National Disability Credit Alliance can process your application at any time of the year.

Can I make a claim for a child?

Yes, in fact, we are usually able to get additional credits for children under 18, and disabled adults who were 18 at any time in the past 10 years.

My income is too low/high. Do I qualify?

Income levels do not affect eligibility for the Disability Tax Credit. If the disabled individual was below 18 in any of the past 10 years, they may be eligible for additional credits. In order to maximize your claim, we can transfer the credit to a family member who has supported you. The NDCA can perform a free review to determine the maximum amount you may be entitled to. Contact us to learn more.

Can I apply for a family member?

Yes, you can apply for a family member, and in most cases, receive a refund on their behalf.

Will this affect my student loan eligibility?

No, this will not have an effect on your eligibility for student loans.

Does my doctor need to complete any forms?

In most cases, your doctor will have to complete documentation we will send them. However, we will only know this once we have received your forms.

What are your fees?

We charge a 25% contingency fee only if we are successful in getting you a financial benefit from the government.